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1. Do I have to get registered to use the services of the web?

It is not necessary to be registered in our system to use it, but is highly recommended.

Get registered means is that our system identifies you and allows you to access to all our services. 
This registration is required for all orders that are on deposit in our administration (including all requests for active games) because it guarantees the safe management of the awards you can get, while providing all the information of the movements of your account balance. 
Make sure all your information is correct paying special attention to your email, our main communication way with you. 

Only if you want us to send you lottery or you want to pick it instore, you can place your order without registering, but with every new order you will have to provide us with all your personal details because they have not saved in our system.

Make sure all information is correct because we will have to verify your identity in case of a winning.

2. What services are available in the national lottery section?

You have three ways to get our lottery tickets either for weekly drawings or Extraordinary, Christmas and El Niño lottery. 

A) You can make your lottery reservation online and we will send your tenth-share tickets to the address you indicate (NOTE: To the amount of the Christmas and El Niño tickets there will be a charge of 10 euros for the mainland and 12 euros for the Canary Islands. Overseas deliveries. 

B) You can place your order online and leave it in our safe-deposit box instore once you have completed your payment process. After receiving a confirmation email you will be able to collect your purchase following the required instructions. 

C) You can buy your lottery and leave it in our safe-deposit box instore (with no collection involved) once you have completed your payment process. To do this you must register on our website before you place your order. After receiving the payment, we'll send you a confirmation email with all the details of your tenths (series and fractions).

3. Christmas and El Niño Lottery Draws

In our website you can order Christmas Lottery (celebrated on December 22) and the Extraordinary Draw El Niño (celebrated on January 6). 

Christmas lottery comes in July and El Niño early in November, at which time you can already buy the lottery of each draw. 

We recommend you to get registered on our website so you can be the first to know that these Sweepstakes are available.

4. How do these services work?

In one case as in the other, you must make the payment buy cash or bank transfer to one of our account numbers or, if you prefer, you can pay with VISA, Electron, 4B, JCB and Maestro by TPV virtual web. 

The amount of the transfer is the amount corresponding to the acquired lottery. In case you want to receive your tenth-share tickets physically, you have to add the charge for the delivery, which will vary depending on the geographic location where you wish to send the lottery (10 € for Peninsula and the Balearic Islands and 12 € for the Canary Islands) and an insurance for the lottery if you request it.


On our Webpage, we will provide the amount of money to be paid.

5. What is the number of the bank account?

We have two account numbers to facilitate your operations:

- La Caixa: Account holder: 'Artal and Fontanet SL” Account number: 2100 2717 46 0200133107 

 - BBVA:Account holder: 'Artal and Fontanet SL' Account number:  0182 0116 71 0201598034


If you make a transfer overseas, you must also enter the IBAN and BIC:

IBAN ES77 2100 2717 46 0200133107 - CAIXESBBXXX BIC for the account of 'la Caixa' 

IBAN ES43 0182 0116 71 0201598034 - BBVAESMMXXX BIC for the account of BBVA

6. What data do I have to indicate to make the payment or transfer?

It is very important to enter on the concept blank the correct name in order to identify it and manage it properly.

7. What is the order number that identifies my reservation?

The order number of your reservation is the number provided with the confirmation email of your reservation (email with the subject 'ORDER REF.').

8. When they sent me the lottery?

When your transfer appears on our account, we will send the lottery to the address you provided us. 
Keep in mind that bank transfers can take time to be effective until 3 working days. 
Only transfers between same accounts bank are effective immediately. 
Also, if you make a payment with VISA or have BALANCE on your user account is the transfer effective immediately.

9. What are the characteristics of delivery?

All orders are delivered by Postal Express (express courier post) and hand delivered. If you are not at the delivery time, you will be contacted directly by phone to arrange a second delivery.

Once your lottery is on its way, we send an informative email with and order reference, so you can track your order.

10. ¿Cuánto tiempo tardará en llegar mi pedido?

Los envíos son urgentes 24 horas para envíos peninsulares y pueden demorarse de dos a tres días para envíos a las Islas.

11. ¿Cuándo puedo pasar a recoger la lotería?

En cuanto recibas un email con el asunto 'RECOGIDA EN ADMINISTRACIÓN' donde te informaremos de que ya tienes preparada tu lotería, así cómo las instrucciones para su recogida.
En el momento de recoger tu lotería deberás firmar un comprobante de entrega y facilitarnos tu DNI.

12. Until what moment can I place an order?

The deadline to pay for your order is 24 hours before the date of the draw. 
You have to take in account that you may not receive your lottery before the draw if you pay close to the draw.

If you make a bank transfer near the draw date from another entity, the verification of that amount of money is not possible for us to check before the draw, so this lottery will not be acquired by the customer. In this case, the amount of money will be refund.

So we recommend Virtual POS in cases of lack of time.

13. Do you send cash on lottery tickets?

Our administration sends NO COD lottery. Lottery is sent after paying its price and delivery costs associated. 

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