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Play online with us La Gamba Roja

On our website you can play all draws of the National Lottery. Just choose the draw date and number of tickets you want.

Once we receive your order we will process it and will keep you informed of their status via email.


Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes and “Niño” 

On our website you can order Extraordinary Lottery Christmas and Niño.  Christmas lottery starts July and Niño in early November. At this time you can already buy the lottery of each draw online. 
We recommend to get registered on our website so you can be the first to know the available Sweepstakes. 


National Lottery Draws 
You can also purchase  National Lottery tickets weekly. Draws take place every Thursday and Saturday of the year. The Lottery will be put on sale as they get registered in our database. 


Order Expiration
The internet sale of each Sweepstakes ends 24 hours before the date of celebration and coincides with the deadline for payment of orders. Up to this date all orders that have not been processed will be cancelled. 
So an order is cancelled if the payment has not been made within a maximum period of 15 days, which is not a complete process. If you want to book a number of Lottery in our Administration contact us either by phone at 96 578 91 66 or sending an email to

From "My Cart" you can check your order, delete or add lines by clicking directly on the button of games you want.


Home Delivery

We send lottery by Postal Express previous payment of the amount and the shipping fee    (10 € for the mainland and 12 € for the Canary Islands). When we receive your transfer on our bank account we will be able to process your order.

 Delivery time depends on shipping destination: 24 hours for the mainland and 48 for Canary Islands. No order are processed or dispatched on weekends or bank holidays.


Store in the Administration

Your tenth-share tickets and bets are kept in our safe-deposit box. We will send you an email with the details of your purchase. After entering the results of the Sweepstakes, the prizes are automatically credited to your user account, so it is necessary to be registered on our website to play with us and securely manage the collection of your awards (with your username and password).



 Wire transfer

 You can make a bank transfer at any branch of La Caixa and BBVA:

- By transfering from an account of the same entity. With this method the money amount appears immediately on our bank account.

-  By transfering the amount from any other bank entity, the money amount appears on our bank account in one or two days delayed.

 You can make your deposit on any of the following accounts:

La Caixa  titular "Artal y Fontanet S.L."   nº de cuenta   ES64   2100 2717 43 0200265408 

BBVA titular "Artal y Fontanet S.L."         nº de cuenta  ES43   0182 0116 71 0201598034


If you make a transfer overseas, you must also enter the IBAN and BIC:

IBAN ES64 2100 2717 43 0200265408  - CAIXESBBXXX BIC for the account of "la Caixa" 

IBAN ES43 0182 0116 71 0201598034 - BBVAESMMXXX BIC for the account of BBVA


It is VERY IMPORTANT to enter your name and your order number  on the blank space “concept” so we can process it successfully.

Credit card

  We accept Visa, Electron, 4B, JCB and Maestro

User debit 

  If you have entered money into your account or you have previously obtained awards, you can choose this option to pay your orders.




Our online order processing is:

Orders received from 20:00h are processed the next day, excepting Saturday orders received after 13:00 pm which will not be processed until Monday morning. Orders are not processed in bank holidays either.



Participate with us from anywhere, at any time and without commissions.


We customize Lottery

We customize Christmas and “El Niño” lottery with the logo of your company or association with no charge for you. We print on the back of the tenth-share ticket your logo or message

Play with our Peñas

As the saying goes "There is strength in numbers" that’s the reason we have created two permanent  Peñas. One for Friday with the Euromillion and another one for the weekend which is put on sale every Monday.


To play for the Peña of Euromillon we concentrate on X numbers (14 or 15, according to budget), which combine them by groups of 6 numbers among them and combining them doing several multiple bets 6 + 2 (12 € ), so we concentrate our strength in this combination.

For example:




If you are a registered user we will keep you updated of the available Peñas weekly.

To participate with our Peñas online just enter PEÑAS, choose the number of shares you want and add them to your cart.

Once we receive your order and check your payment, we"ll send you a confirmation email which we attach all details of the bets played on (as well as the refunds if applicable). 
After making the scrutiny of the Peña we will inform you about the prizes awarded.

Other things about the web

1. From "My Cart" you can check your bets, delete or add new ones by clicking directly on the play button you want. 

2. Your bets are kept in the safe-deposit box and prizes are credited to your user account so it is necessary to get registered on our website to play with us and securely manage the collection of your awards (with your USER and PASSWORD). 

3. Our online order processing is



4. No orders will be processed on holidays. 

5. If you choose as payment VISA or CARD USER we will receive your order immediately and we will process it the same day. If you choose as payment BANK TRANSFER will start processing it when it appears on our account. 

NOTE. You can also make a deposit to your account by BANK TRANSFER to play future bets without delay. 


Place your order in advance  using methods of immediate payment and check the validation email. 

Check the jackpots. 


Lottery for companyes

For Christmas Draw can make reservations in advance, we have the lottery since July.


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Phone: 96 575 39 81